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What is ADT?

We are an informal initiative aimed at normalizing abortion. We want to talk about abortion freely, without taboos, without drama, without lies, without fear. We travel around Poland to talk about abortion with pills and other methods of terminating pregnancy.

We do it because it’s important and necessary. And above all, we provide real support.

Abortion dream team activists

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It's best to fight for abortions by doing abortions.

Last year, we've helped over 44 000 people in unwanted pregnancies. Each penny counts when you're assisting in more than 94 abortions a day (that's almost 4 abortions every hour).

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You can trust us

We regularly cooperate with dozens of international organizations dealing with reproductive rights, women's rights, and org. on health protection.

We have their full support and we want to share all this strength with you. Read opinions about the Abortion Dream Team, which are issued by not only international organizations that care for reproductive health, as well as tens of thousands of women each year.

Our goals

Our goal is to spread knowledge and promote a positive message about abortion, based on real experiences of people who have had an abortion and those who support it.

We want this knowledge spread as widely as possible - through meetings, workshops, via the Internet, publications and media presence. We want to end the idea that abortion shouldn’t be openly talked about. We want to break the belief that you should remain silent about abortion.

We want as many people as possible to feel safer and less lonely, receiving support and reliable knowledge about safe abortion.

We want to show that abortion is a normal part of our lives. Abortion is not a political view or a dispute over values. Abortion is our experience, our stories. We will not wait for better abortion laws - we are acting now.

As the Abortion Dream Team we have been operating since 2016, and since 2019 in the association of feminist organization "Abortion Without Borders". We have been helping for several decades with abortions and promoting reproductive rights.

Our goal is to share knowledge about abortion with pills, and to promote positive message about abortion based on the real experiences of people who have had an abortion, and those who support them.

What we do?

  • We share our knowledge on how to safely terminate pregnancies in Poland and abroad.
  • We support women in their abortions.
  • We organize free meetings about pharmacological abortion (invite us to your town).
  • We organize special storytelling sessions for people with abortion and support experience.
  • We run campaigns to normalize the topic of abortion - you will find us on almost all social media (we especially recommend our TikTok).
  • We speak about abortion in a normal way, without distortions, without fear and shame - we train how to talk and write about abortion without deepening the stigma.